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There is a bit of debate as to the origins of Blackjack some accredit it to the Romans others to the French where it started.  Regardless of its origins it is still very much enjoyed by gamblers today!

A basic overview of Blackjack

The game’s objective

To get twenty-one and or beat the house!

The player beats the dealer by:

                Not exceeding twenty-one when the dealer does

                Having a hand that is twenty-one or below but higher than the dealer’s hand

A bust or break:

                This is when the player or dealers hand exceeds twenty-one this is an instant loss of the hand.

How you count the values of the cards (note: the card suits are of no consequence in blackjack):

                Jack, Queen and kings count as ten

                The cards from 2 to 10 are taken for their “face value”

The Ace (a little confusing at times) can be either a 1 or 11.  The ace is assumed as an 11 unless it pushes your hand over twenty in which case it reverts to a 1

The Soft and Hard Hand:

                Hard hand – this is a hand that either does not contain an ace or the aces value is a one

Soft hand – this is when the hand contains an ace which has the value of eleven.

Hit or Stand

The first two cards dealt for both the player and dealer will be the determining factor for the player as to whether they want to hit or stay.
Hit – another card is dealt to both player
Stand – the player will stick with the two cards he has, the dealer, however, must draw if their hand is less than seventeen and stand if it is between seventeen and twenty-one.

In conclusion

Blackjack is an exciting game as your pit your luck and wits against the house.